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Open Source

We promote the use of open source and free software; commonly abbreviated as OSS.


Below is several, of many, software applications we use.

Informational Books

Technology Services

Database & Data

  • Architect, design, develop, and model database structure.
  • Engineer, build, and program database application code.
  • Data design, data model, and data structure development for both relational and non-relational data.

Software Engineering & Design

  • Database driven application development.
  • Middle-tier and backend development.
  • Service and API based development.
  • Web service development.

What We can Do For You

Our services range from stand alone data-driven applications to enterprise class information systems. We design, develop, and engineer a wide range of software solutions for line-of-business applications and databases. We build the bits of software that help run your business. Below is a short list of examples.

  • Build a database to consolidate your disparate data into a normalized and centralized relational model.
  • Build application databases and data interfaces for access by your font end applications.
  • Build web service interfaces for web applications to access and consume your data.
  • Build core systems applications that allow your backend applications to access and share data.
  • Build administrative, management, and utility software to manage data and data applications.
  • Build software for automation of systems, processes and work-flows.


We have extensive experience with Open Source and Microsoft products. We prefer to use open source software but, we also believe in using the best tool for the job. Should an open source solution not meet your needs we are strong and capable within many areas of the Microsoft Technology stack with over 35 years of experience. We have built MS SQL Server solutions with every version of Microsoft SQL since the MSSQL 1997 release. We have also built applications powered by Postgres SQL and other open source products for many years. Also, Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, MVC (4&5), WIN Forms, WPF, and more. Inquire for more Microsoft details.

The AxilBits Name

The technology industry has long used botanical terms to describe relationships between form, function, and relationships which run the business. Here, axil bits represent the decisions, applications, data or information you need to help your business grow. The axillary branches and nodes (and axil between them) which tie your business to success or failure.

  • Axil: The upper angle between a leaf stalk and the stem from which it is growing.
  • Bits: The data which defines the relationship between the stalk and branch.
  • axilBits: The metaphor which describes your data and structures within your business.
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What We cannot Do For You

It's not that we don't want your business for the following; but we completely understand how hard and time-consuming it is, finding the right technology solutions. Researching, contacting, and following up with providers and vendors only to find out they don't do what you need done; is a real time waster. Your time is valuable.

We respect your time; therefore, we are up-front right-away, saving you time researching your project. Below is the what and why of items we don't do.

  • Business Websites:
    Why? Your business website is your brand, message, and presentation to the world. We are not a advertising or marketing firm and your business deserves the best. We prefer to focus on the tools that run your business, not advertise it.
  • Mobile Applications:
    Why? Getting mobile right is time consuming and expensive. Getting a good return on investment is a steep challenge even for large businesses. A large percentage of mobile applications fail or never make it to market in a profitable way. Additionally, the bulk of mobile development is "front-end" GUI (graphical user interfaces) related work and we prefer to focus on the layers (middle and back-end) that really impact the bottom line.