The Business

We are not new

We are not new to the technology industry but our website and the name axilBits is new. was created in 2016 to consolidate products and services that were previously done by an individual or group. We never had; nor needed, a website because strong word-of-mouth and referrals established working projects without the need for a website.

Our story is simple

In the past our services were provided by one or more individuals, working on nights and weekends; while keeping a regular full time job. AxilBits was created to get organized and establish an independent brand to begin the process of working-for-ourselves full-time while expanding our experience into the marketplace formally.

We provided solutions for the following companies either as independent contractors or as consultants.

U.S.A. Organizations & Companies

International Organizations & Companies


The owner of has over thirty five (35) years of experience in the technology industry. Quality experience gained through aggressive pursuit of knowledge and passion for technology.

The owner, joining the information technology age in the late 1980's has gained extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Database architecture, design, development
  • Information Technology Management
  • Systems Analysis and Business Analysis
  • Consulting (business and IT)
  • Software engineering, design, development and deployment
  • Web / cloud application development

The owner, along with the team have multi-industry experience and unlike other technology providers; we know more than just IT. We know business and how businesses today use information technology to succeed and grow.